J.W. Ray Elementary Learning Center

When you call J.W. Ray Learning Center, you often will hear us answer "J.W. Ray—Best School in the USA!" At J.W. Ray, we strive to make students, staff, and the school the "Best in the USA!" Our mission is to provide a curriculum that produces citizens with a love for independent learning and the foundation for a successful life. Our hope is that our students not only learn, but learn to love learning.rn rnJ.W. Ray is recognized by the Texas Education Agency for high student performance. Teachers and staff work hard to maintain this rating year after year, and we take pride in the successes of our students. Ray is committed to continually moving forward, ever increasing its levels of commended student performance, so that students are college and workforce ready when they become adults.rn rnWe value our parents as partners in the education of their children, encourage them to participate in school activities, and provide programs to help them assist their children at home. Each year, we invite parents to participate in our Family Achievement Fair, TAKS informational meetings, and family support workshops. This year, we are initiating Chats with the Principal. Parents also are encouraged to serve on our PTA and Campus Improvement Planning committee.