on April 20, 2010 / by Downtown Dallas Inc. / in Blog Posts, Clean and Safe, Parks and Public Space

Back when the park was being finished out, our top priority as a supporting organization for Main Street Garden and Pegasus Plaza was to make sure we could get the fountains running a much as we could. Last November it was approved that we would be the management organization for these parks, along with the City of Dallas Park and Rec Department. So first on agenda (now that we have our funds in order!) the fountains!

We’re looking at changing the water fountain running time to those suggested below.

Main Street Garden: 1-10p on Saturdays and 5-10p Sunday through Fridays. Pegasus Plaza 5-10p daily

Please note, right now, they only run from 11a-1p because it is all the city’s budget allows.  We will eventually try to get them running even longer the more money we can raise for the park, but with Downtown Dallas Inc and the City of Dallas’ budgets combined, this is looking like the best we can do as far as length of time.  Let us know your thoughts!


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