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1,000 Bottles of FulHum donated to Dallas Police Department and Distributed by Non Profit – Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Jan. 2, 2016 / PRZen / DALLAS — EarthWater, Inc. (www.EarthWater.com), a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral infused beverages under the brand “FulHum” (www.FulHum.com), announced today the Company has donated 1,000 Bottles of FulHum to the Men and Women of the Dallas Police Department. This donation was made in conjunction with the nonprofit organization “Downtown Dallas,” the principal advocate, champion and steward that will be handling the distribution of FulHum to the members of the Dallas Law Enforcement Community.

EarthWater Chairman, CJ Comu, stated, “We are delighted to make this contribution to the Men & Women of the Dallas Police Department that work tirelessly to provide law & order in our community. We are also very proud to collaborate with the Non Profit ‘Downtown Dallas’ in our effort to give back to the community to help Law Enforcement stay: Rehydrated, Replenished and Recovered during their time at work. We support the motto, ‘Back the Blue’ with our outstanding Black Colored FulHum Beverage.”

FulHum is manufactured & bottled in Dallas, TX. FulHum is 100% USDA registered organic with ZERO: Sugars, Calories, Carbohydrates, or Chemicals. FulHum is originated from “Fulvic and Humic” trace minerals that represent the DNA of all of our food groups, and is the main natural component of our 100% natural, high alkaline mineral-enriched beverage. The proprietary FulHum formula is different from other mineral beverages because it could detoxify free radicals, eliminate harmful pathogens, and improve nutrient absorption all while delivering essential minerals that are limited in daily diets.

Downtown Dallas, Inc. Vice President of Marketing, Shalissa Colwell Perry, stated, “Downtown Dallas is proud to partner with EarthWater to provide FulHum, a healthy and unique hydration beverage, to our brave Men and Women in Uniform protecting Dallas.”

Since its creation more than 120 years ago, the Dallas Police Department has created an atmosphere of ethical, caring behavior. The 3,640 sworn officers and 556 civilians who make up the Department take special pride in helping to make Dallas a safe place to live, work and visit. The Men and Women of the Dallas Police Department work with the Citizens of Dallas to provide the highest level of quality, professional service that the City deserves.

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