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Yes, we are fast-forwarding through Christmas…

Ariel posed a question to the DSPOT Tweetnation this afternoon…share your best Downtown NYE memory!  You’ll have to subscribe to hear her story (sign up at yourDspot.com), but here’s one from this old school DD Diva..

Umlaut was THE place to be NYE 2002 (bonus points for my fellow pioneers who just experienced a throw back – sing it with me now – “I was Downtown..when Downtown wasn’t cool”!).  $50 got you all of the dancing, cocktails and champagne toasts you could handle, and being a DD Diva in-the-making I was cool enough to get my crowd to the front of the red velvet line.  Without the ability to sample the variety of watering holes we now enjoy on Main Street,  we held our Dancing Queen court there ’til 2am, hit the Mickey D’s to refuel, then continued the after party in a suite at the Westin.  No car needed!

So here’s the good part (no, no public admissions of misbehavior)…Umlaut (post-EC)/Obar mastermind Tim McEneny is coming back Downtown!  Look for his Obar reincarnation in the former Fuse location, paired beautifully with yet another new restaurant concept from Chef Doug Brown.  Coming Spring 2010.

So what’s your story?  And plans to ring in the next decade?


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