Live Like a Local: A Man About Downtown

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Written by DDI’s resident man, Doug Prude.

You’re a man, and you want to do manly things in manly ways, you want a fun weekend with the boys, but Vegas is out of the question, what do you do? There is adventure right in your own backyard here in Downtown Dallas…perfect for a little staycation with your dudes, your posse, your squad, your amigos, or even if you are a wolfpack of one…enjoy a “mancation” and put it on your man card.

Get things started with a manly cup o’ joe before embarking on your quest for adventure in Downtown. Pegasus beckons you at the Flying Horse Café with a rustic feel of wooden furniture, concrete floors, and donuts and a great cup of drip to get you going. Many manly men have morning meetings at Otto’s at the Adolphus with a touch of class. Cozy up in the leather furniture and dark wood surroundings, and your coffee served on a wooden plank with a slightly bitter taste to put a little hair on your chest…oh, and Belgian Waffles for some international flare. Maybe you are guys on the go and want to pick something up before fighting a fire, chopping logs, or playing rugby on the lawn…hit up one of the two locations of Berkley’s Market for your java, a breakfast taco from Taco Deli, and maybe a beef stick or a banana for some energy.

Coffee not enough? Need some breakfast in your belly before starting your momentous day? It’s been said that breakfast IS the Manliest Meal of the Day…was it Aristotle? George Washington? Chuck Norris? I forget, but your breakfast must include eggs, potatoes, and meat to fuel your quest. 

Make your way to OverEasy for a little Short Rib Hash or a classic Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs. How about Ellen’s for a feast of Pancake Pot Pie…a bowl of everything breakfast covered with a pancake…what?!? Another fine option is Cindy’s for a quick breakfast of Migas or an omelet any way you want it, or the sinful Salsa Limon carnitas tacos. There’s always the Commissary for a manly Biscuit Sandwich, perfect for guys about to hit the town. If your boys have some walking money in their pockets, hit up the Record Grill for a hearty breakfast on Elm Street just a short walk from the Sixth Floor Museum – cash only and worth every penny.

After packing on the carbs, you gotta work them off. The ladies have their spa weekends and real men never skip leg day; so, get your sweat on, blast the pecks, punish the quads, and get swole. Stack some plates and move some weights! Time to get ripped. Work out like a pro at Cowboys Fit for some ab-crunching, shoulder-sculpting seated cable rows. Yeah! Or hit up F45 Training for some high intensity group workouts for your bunch. A little peer pressure and motivation never hurt anybody. Go for it! You could just keep it simple and classic by getting in some laps in the pool at the T. Boone Pickens YMCA. Manly men like it old school, with a modern touch. I hope you brought a broom, because I’m getting shredded.

After that workout, the boys want to eat, and Downtown Dallas offers some choice options for lunch. When the man crew wants meat, where do you go? Those Irish Eyes be smilin’ from The Crafty Irishman with offerings like Uncle Jack’s Shepherd’s Pie, a hearty Monte Cristo, or the Jameson Burger. Hungry yet? Chop House Burger tempts you with burgers like the Bob Marley or the Ricky Bobby “Melt” …and remember, if you ain’t first, you’re last. But you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Then there’s Sloane’s Corner with tantalizing sandwiches like the Hot Italiano and the Hot Fried Chicken sandwich. Feeling a twinge for some tacos? Twisted Trompo gives you something to “Taco bout” with their Trompo Street Tacos. I’m sure someone in your party might order a steak sandwich with extra steak…well, the Bistro Steak Sandwich from Mendocino Farms hits the spot. Fletch would approve. Can you take the heat? Try their signature Classic Study of Heat sandwich on panini bread.

A real man keeps his look clean and tight, so how about a little grooming session. Get that beard looking tight along with a sweet coiffure trim over at Brass Tacks at the Adolphus. Top it off with a fine polish on your shoes. Don’t forget to trim the hooves, gentlemen. Your feet are gross, trust me. Pink Toes on Elm can get you cleaned up while you relax with a cocktail in hand. Also, The Urban Nail Bar on Akard will be happy to push your cuticles and scrub your heals. Your significant other will thank us! Now that you look sharp, why not add to your wardrobe or tack on a manly accessory or two at Commerce Goods+Supply right there at the Adolphus. Looking to throw in a little western flare? The Luchesse Boot store at the Thompson Hotel will set you up you in footwear fit for a cattle baron.  Mission accomplished.

Time for a pre-dinner brew to ready yourselves for a big evening. So, grab a beer, because you’ve earned it after your big day. Hit the Pegasus City Brewery for a taste of Dallas brew. Try anything you want, like the Highpoint Porch Ale or the Woofus, a NTX Common Ale. Can’t decide? Ask for a flight of four samples; by the way, each brew is named for a local landmark, ask the staff for the story. Up for more Texas brews? Head over to the Press Box Grill where most of their 36 taps are dedicated to beers from the Lone Star State, and try something new while you watch some sports with your gang. Give the Scout at the Statler a go. Plenty of beers on tap…and bowling! Could be right up your alley.  Get your crew over to the Jaxon Beer Garden. Choose from one of 40 beers on tap, and with antlers on the taps, you get “man points” for your efforts. Plus, partake in some of the BBQ too. If variety is the spice of life, then the 2nd Tap spices things up with their variety of beers and brewery choices. It’s like a pop-up shop for your favorite breweries, as different breweries take over every few weeks.

Time to dine like kings in Big D, so get the guys together or call an audible, and go on a date. Either way, satisfy your appetite in Downtown Dallas. For a true Texas experience, enjoy the Y.O. Ranch for a 5-star steak, whatever cut you select. Try Y.O.’s signature dish of Chicken Fried Lobster, or select something from their wild game menu. A gentleman knows that sushi is meat too, and Musume brings it. Their Asian Fusion menu offers incredible selections from the Grilled Lamb Lollipops to Lobster Fried Rice to the Japanese Cowboy, a 16 oz. Bone-in Rib Eye. Another unique option for dinner is CBD Provisions, where you can try the Tango Tuna Nachos or just go for it all with the Crispy Pig’s Head Carnitas that serves four.  If it’s a special occasion, dial up the legend and take the elevator to the underground. Located thirteen feet beneath Akard Street, Dakota’s serves up the finest meats, seafood, and sides in the city and offers a wine list longer than a drug store receipt.

CBD Provisions. Photography by Mei-Chun Jau.

Topping the evening off with a cocktail would be a perfect nightcap. Give Frankie’s a shot to wind down your night out with any number of cocktail treats, like the Frankie’s Stein. Catbird at the Thompson Hotel reimagines classic cocktails in a high-end setting. Another top-notch idea is to make your way to The Woolworth for an Old Fashioned Vanilla or a Mule Kick. Or, head over to the Joule hotel and step downstairs to the Midnight Rambler, with an ever changing list of seasonal cocktails, a high-end aesthetic, and always great tunes, you will end your long day satisfied.

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