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on November 11, 2009 / by Downtown Dallas Inc. / in Arts and Culture, Blog Posts, DDI News, Things To Do

As many of you have probably heard through various avenues, we’re about to relaunch the “new and improved” Almost 3 years ago we launched the site with the idea of it being solely a GuideLive of sorts, for Downtown specifically.  However, as time moved on, technology changed and the way that people use the web morphed into a more interactive form vs. informational only.  The result, sadly enough, was a poor web site that currently is not user-friendly nor the least bit interactive.

So we spent 6 months going through a redesign with new components, testing what works, doesn’t work and what folks want to get out of a site like this. Launching partially on November 19, will feature these new assets:

dine DINING Landing Page Design Comp

These are the main components being debuted.  However, in 1Q 2010 we will be launching a mobile app to compliment the site, so whenever you’re out and about and need a restaurant to go to or checking out contact information for reservations, you can access the app for free.

We’re really excited about this site and is sure to be a much better and user-friendly site than before.  Be sure to check it out and let us know all your feedback.  Stay tuned for more info on the exact launch time on the 19th!


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