New Resource Launched To Help Downtown Dallas by Downtown Resident

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New Resource Launched To Help Downtown Dallas

Small Businesses Start And Grow

Dallas, TX (August 3, 2016) – The Small Business Development Initiative (SBDI), an innovative, new

initiative to assist small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs for starting and growing small businesses

launched programming with local representation in Downtown Dallas today. Small businesses are a critical

component and major contributor to the strength of local economies. In fact, since 1995, small

businesses have generated 64% of new jobs but most resources to help small business owners are

considered inaccessible, impractical, or too expensive.

According to the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), two primary reasons for small business

failure is a lack of business planning and inadequate access to business credit and funding. The SBDI

focuses on these two areas at no cost to qualified participants as funding is provided through a combination

of grants and sponsorships. With access to a minimum of $100,000 of business credit/funding for every

participant, the initiative is positioned to become a critical resource for small businesses in America.

The free SBDI program includes a local Downtown Dallas representative, Ashley D. Stanley, and provides a

turn-key solution for qualified participants including:

guarantees or use of the owner’s personal credit.

Unlike other governmental and private resources available, the SBDI will assist, at no cost, a wider variety of

businesses without regard to industry, location or stage of business development:

1. Stage One: Existence (key issues include formation, access to business credit, compliance, etc.)

2. Stage Two: Survival (key issues include cash flow and development of clients)

3. Stage Three: Success (key issues including transitioning owner’s role from day to day “working” to


4. Stage Four: Take-Off (key issue again is having adequate financial resources to grow/expand)

5. Stage Five: Resource Maturity


The Small Business Development Initiative (SBDI) was created through the Business Credit Literacy

Initiative. Visit for more information or to get involved.

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