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Notes from the Downtown Public Safety Follow-Up Meeting

The meeting was convened by John Crawford, President & CEO of Downtown Dallas, Inc.  He thanked everyone, including the number of Dallas Police Department (DPD), DART, and Oncor representatives present, for attending the public safety follow-up meeting at Fort Work. The purpose of the meeting was a follow-up from last month’s Downtown public safety meeting.  Crawford also thanked everyone for their collaboration and DPD Assistant Chief Tittle and DART Police Chief Spiller for participating. The overarching theme of the meeting was certainly the importance of partnerships, recognizing the need for further agency cooperation, as well as community involvement.

Crawford provided a review of the nine priority action items that were assembled from the first meeting just last month. They include:

In addition to these specific goals, DPD has made tremendous strides to combat some of the most recent critical issues. Chief Tittle outlined some very promising activities that have progressed since last meeting. First and foremost, the assailants of Sarah Hoff have both been arrested. Additionally, over 160 arrests have been made for aggressive panhandling and there have been six felony arrests for sales of K2.

Additional discussion included:

DDI would like to thank participants for another productive meeting and will continue to facilitate communication and advance action items. Stay tuned for future meeting dates that are in the works, and we encourage you to participate in our Downtown resident and merchant groups.

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