Business Development

Modera St Paul will rise 16 stories and house 333 units at St. Paul and Wood streets.

Hunt realty has begun planning a mixed-use development on their highly coveted Reunion Lawn site near the Hyatt Regency Hotel; just West of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

The Galbraith consists of 217 new residential units, 111 of which will be affordable, as well as 10,000 sf of commercial space.

Hoque Global and its partners will begin construction on its highly anticipated development directly adjacent to Dallas City Hall, Dallas Convention Center and Dallas Farmers Market in 2021, the company announced today.
One Newpark is the phase-one anchor of Newpark Dallas, A Smart District, which will transform Downtown Dallas’ southern limits as the city grows south. Hoque Global and development partner Lanoha Real Estate Company will begin building the 38-floor tower in its strategic and catalytic project that will create a major technology and education hub, and that is slated to become the next center of urban growth.
A significant development on downtown’s southern border will help push investment beyond the I-30 barrier as the new district becomes a catalyst for more development and investment in the area. With transformative projects and planning efforts underway to restitch downtown to communities to the south, Newpark Dallas will be a beacon for the economic expansion to areas long overlooked yet ripe with opportunity.
Newpark Dallas truly innovates great urban design for Downtown Dallas and creates an exciting walkable and one-of-a-kind experience through the district. At its full build out, Newpark Dallas will have over a million square feet of Class A office space, 200,000 square feet of urban retail space, thousands of residential units, a four-star hotel, and a proposed one-million-square-foot educational campus with facilities ranging from pre-K through higher education. Not only has nothing of this scale has ever been done south of the main downtown business district, but there is nothing quite like this development in Downtown Dallas or in North Texas, making Newpark Dallas hugely impactful for the city and region.

Smart and sustainable technologies will run through the district with connected systems, low energy consumption, and cutting-edge innovations built into the buildings and streets of Newpark.
“A project of this magnitude with the ability to transform a city requires bold vision and relentless dedication to making a positive social impact in the community,” said Mike Hoque, CEO & Founder of Hoque Global. “No single person or group can make such an undertaking become reality. It requires a fleet of fearless and mission-focused leaders coming together under a common cause. This is Newpark Dallas.
“A status quo development could have been built several times over. But the opportunity to do something truly special for Dallas will take bold initiative from many stakeholders in our community. We are so inspired and ready to move ahead working together as a community.”

The 283 key JW Marriott will sit atop 4 new restaurants in the Dallas Arts District.

Field Street District will rise from a 5 acre parking lot in the West End

The East Quarter will feature unique office space in a variety of historic structures among new restaurants and shops.