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As an update to our message from October 28th about this week’s public safety plans and preparations, we have provided additional information below to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

The Dallas Fusion Center, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Dallas Police Department Intelligence Unit, in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety and federal partners, are in contact with each other around the clock as they monitor all intelligence streams for possible threats to our region. Significant operational planning has been conducted to account for potential unrest, as well as to ensure DPD is positioned to support a safe environment for those wishing to express their First Amendment Rights.

At this time, the intelligence community is unaware of any threats to the region, including the central business district.

Many of you are understandably concerned about protecting your property, businesses, and employees. We encourage you to remain attuned to accurate information and have resources ready for activation. We do not want to create a perception of an “unsafe Downtown” by prematurely boarding or barricading property.  We have worked so hard to reopen Downtown, maintain confidence in the market, ensure safety for our community, and allow the heart of our city to be the epicenter of peaceful public discourse for all. We can all continue to cultivate a positive environment.

We will reach out IMMEDIATELY if we become aware of any threats or changes to known events.

For more information about DPD and DDI preparation, please see the full message by clicking here.

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