Redesign Has Launched

on November 19, 2009 / by Downtown Dallas Inc. / in Arts and Culture, Blog Posts, DDI News, Things To Do

So we’re gluttons for punishment around here and in the midst of trying to open a new park and throw 3 events in 8 days, we decided it would be a GREAT time to launch the redesign of

Homepage view..

Please note this is a semi beta version.  The only sections functioning right now are the homepage and the “Places to Go” the rest will be complete by December 1 if not sooner.  If you get frustrated with the site (or us) because some of the items aren’t working, I apologize in advance, but please don’t take me off your Christmas card list.

We wanted to go ahead and get the site up in order to get some valuable feedback before it’s said and done.  So leave all of your comments here on this blog post and we’ll try to make your experience on our site even better.

*see the post last week regarding details about the upcoming site features.

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