Downtown Dallas 360

A few of us over here at DDI were treated to a little hint of the following project in a meeting with Brent Brown, David Whitley and the Dallas City Design Studio team earlier […]

In addition to launching Downtown Dallas 360, DDI also inducted the 2011 Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting and Luncheon, including new Chairman David Lind, Corgan. Larry Good, Good […]

Earlier this month, some 200 people attended the Downtown Dallas 360 Community Forum. For the last year, Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the City of Dallas have been working in partnership […]

Here at the DDI World Headquarters, after 18 months of gestation, we are celebrating the birth of our golden child. Just an hour ago the Dallas City Council adopted the Downtown Dallas […]

Downtown Dallas Inc. is touting quick wins and bold ideas for a new and improved Downtown. DDI President & CEO John Crawford, DDI Board Chair Shelle Sills and Downtown Dallas 360 consultants Daniel Iacofano and Chris […]

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